Axel Rock

Front-end developer at Thinkeo.

AI content generation with flexible guardrails.

  • Turning @openpurpose's great design into a real product
  • Built with SvelteKit

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Technical advisor for other projects:

For over a decade, I've created apps, websites and banners.

There was no simple way to share HTML ads. So I created it.

  • Started in 2016
  • Built with Angular and Firebase
  • Used and liked by the worlds biggest brands
  • Over 25000 users over time

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Attaboy screenshot

At Bannerboy, I had the chance to work with the biggest brands.

Airbnb Logo
Spotify Logo
Google Logo
Netflix Logo


Multiple campaigns for Amazon: Prime Day, Black Friday, Holiday season…

I've been in charge of master animation, and automation to ship animated and static banners for dozens of countries, various sizes and specifications.

JavaScript is my main tool. But I use everything the web offers.
Here are my current favourite things:

Svelte Logo SvelteKit
OpenAI Logo AI
OpenAI Logo Firebase
Browser Logo Browser APIs

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